Time for some action

More thoughts, but action needed

Posted by Jo Turner on March 16, 2019

Time for some action

I’m good at thinking, probably too much really. Can we be too much at something…?

I pause to ponder that thought, and find myself laughing to myself yet again, instead of action (I need to get up and out) I’m sat here thinking more thoughts to get the next blog post started ☺

Thankfully, I took my thoughts with me, and got going!

It was a beautiful and gloriously sunny day. I met up with some friends and we headed further up the mountain. It was busy, but we managed to find a relatively quiet route into the next valley and onwards to our lunch destination.

Nothing beats eating outside, basked in warm sunshine during mid-winter. Especially when, there was great music and entertainment, all with a stunning backdrop of high alpine mountains covered in snow, followed by some good snow on the way home.

It was a perfect day on the mountain.

The last couple of weeks have seen days filled with sunshine, and this day was no different.

It lifts your spirits when it’s sunny ☺

There are days when I’m grateful for the rain too, but on balance I relish the dry sunny ones more. There is something so uplifting by the brightness of the days and the contrast of the blue skies against the land.

My favourite contrast is found in the springtime. When the sky is true blue, there are white snow covered mountain-tops, and bright, lush, green fields that look so vibrant, and alive after the full on whiteness of winter. The lowers slopes are dotted with alpine chalets and soon more life will appear.

It is a delight every year when the spring flowers start to appear. It heralds a new beginning and the longer summer days ahead. There are already signs of spring lower down the valley, but up on the mountain we will wait a few more weeks to see anything.

I love the winter, but as the days lengthen, I rejoice in the lightness of the coming spring and hanker after summer evenings by the sea. When the days start to shorten again, I will cherish cosy days by the fire and being wrapped up warm again. Another winter will arrive…

And so ever onwards, with the continuous cycles that repeat each year.

The joy is that each season is welcomed and embraced wholeheartedly.

Take this morning, I awoke early and after lying in bed for half an hour or so, I decide that it’s best to get up. My head is fully awake and although my eyes are still saying keep me closed, the urge to get up and see the world is overwhelming!

I open the shutters and look out, the moon now waning, is still above the high tree line, I sit and stare at her as she descends lower, and eventually below the dense canopy of the fir trees.

It mesmerizes me as the moon glides away for another day to begin.

The traffic is beginning to build, it’s a changeover day, so people are leaving and new people are arriving. Memories have been made, and new ones are on the way ☺

I have now re-read and edited this blog for long enough, that when I looked up just then, the sun has risen high into the sky, and changed the shade of green of the trees gracing the skyline above me.

It is as though, a light has been switched on! The trees are a bright green and they look illuminated and are basking in their glory. I am looking north, so very shortly as the sun moves towards the west and gets higher in the sky, they will be back in the shade for most of the day.

Higher up the mountain will be in full sun, and sunglasses are needed when outdoors. One of the biggest joys each winter is when the morning sun 1st hits the building and filters into our rooms.

The beginning of the winter is full of darkness, as we nestle right under the mountainside and when the light returns, there is no doubt a subconscious heaviness lifts.

Each week the heaviness of the long dark winter days continues to dissolve and everyone enjoys the longer days on the mountain.

As I pause and ponder life a wee bit more, for some reason, my mind lingers on a memory of a foggy day with low cloud and poor visibility. I smile and think how it is best to embrace all weathers and all days with gratitude, love and compassion.

The day is ready to begin and as I draw to a close here, I know today will be another magical day.

May you always embrace the fog and the sunshine, with gratitude for being alive, whatever the weather!

Onwards and upwards, with love and smiles ☺