Flowing Again

A day in the Highlands

Posted by Jo Turner on August 23, 2019

Flowing Again

I’m sat on a wet and windy summer’s day in the Highlands, and the memories being stirred today are happy memories.

It seems that nothing will dampen my spirit today!

Its funny, how some days just flow and others do not…

Today is a flow day.

Today has been a quiet day.

Today has been a calm day.

Today has been a wet day.

Today has been many moments of joy ☺

Flowers have arrived at my friends shop, and I had the pleasure of unpacking them and arranging them in a vase.

Lunch was brought in by my husband from the local seafood bar, and enjoyed with convivial company.

A phone call from a dear friend was greeted with great excitement, as we discussed her soon to be published book.

And to top the day off, a “wobbly” willow dream-catcher I had made some time ago was chosen as a gift by a lovely young woman who was delighted to meet the maker! That really did make my day.

So as the day comes to a close, I have a light heart as I remember all these magical moments helping others and enjoying people’s company along the way.

The rain still pours down and the waterfalls are at their magnificent best at the moment. Our rugged landscape and glorious views are ever changing, and although for much of this week they have been shrouded in mist and low cloud, I know they are there, and their memory will carry me through to the next sunshine filled day.

So through the gloom I know there will be rainbows again, and as if right on queue, the clouds part slightly to the west and I nip upstairs to see if there is indeed a rainbow.

And there it is!

A beautiful rainbow crowning the hill behind the village, maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of it. I hope so, as one end has landed on a neighbour’s croft.

I am happy whoever has the pot of gold…

That is life, being happy for other people and their good fortune, being happy for your own blessings and knowing that tomorrow is another day.

Come rain or shine, we make our good memories from the miniscule magical moments to the grander gregarious moments when we are with family and friends, or travelling further afield to favourite old haunts or new exciting, and exotic destinations.

I’m coming back to myself, and remembering all the happy memories.

Life has been good, and although there have been times of great sorrow the dark moments are less intense, as I hold my family in my heart. There are many friends held there too, death will come to us all in time.

The sun has reappeared and the brightness makes me lower my eyes from the glare, as always it’s the light that shines in my heart, and radiates out into the world.

I’ve turned to face the sea loch and the mountains again ☺

Everything stays the same, yet everything has changed!

It’s time for the kettle to go on and a mug of herbal tea is calling me…

May your days be rainbow-filled and have clouds with silver linings, with love and gratitude as always ☺