More Magic in the Air

And other contented thoughts

Posted by Jo Turner on February 22, 2019

More Magic in the Air

Driving back from the supermarket a few days ago, as the sun was beginning to set, I was filled with immense gratitude for the journey back up the mountain, as the views were absolutely stunning.

It was as though someone had painted the ‘Mont Blanc’ logo on the sky in front of me!

Mont Blanc was not the grand mountain in question but another majestic Alpine mountain, glowing, in all its glory, after a few very cold days.

There are many moments like this during the year, some more magical than others. During the winter, when many people spend their time wishing for warmer days, I relish the cold crisp days that we are often blessed with.

Time is moving on, and as I look up at a photo of my Dad, a deep sigh lingers, but I know everything is ok. Whether it was his long life or not having to worry about him now, life feels ok.

There has been much joy on the mountain in the last couple of weeks, and for a time all my worries have been on the back burner (and probably where they should stay)…

When we are in the present moment all our worries fall away, and we are reconnected with the magic that is all around us.

As a friend reminded me a couple of nights ago, while walking home, he got us to stop and look up at the clear night sky, and I mean really look at it! We all stared upwards in the deserted, snow covered lane where we were and marveled at the magic all around us.

It was beautiful to be reminded of the Universe, and how powerful our connection is, if we just STOP and look up.

There is something greater than us.

Whatever you call it, whatever your belief. There is no doubt in my mind, that there is something out there that is greater than us.

This brings me comfort when I’m alone. I know I can look up at the sky at any time and feel this connection.

This is the magic that I feel when I’m in nature.

This is the magic I feel, when I look at ‘my’ fir tree all lit up at night, as it is now, or the moonlight twinkling on the sea during the summertime.

It is the magic in the first spring flowers that you see.

It is the magic of walking barefoot along the beach on a sunny day.

It is the magic of running through fallen leaves, hearing them rustle as you go.

And it is the magic that keeps me going, when things seem a bit tough.

So as a gentle reminder to us all, look for the magical moments, welcome them in to your life.

These are the precious moments that give connection in a disconnected world.

One of my favourite moments for reconnecting with the majesty of life, is to stop on the way home from a skiing trip, there is a spot through the forest where there are no ski lifts and there is silence if no other skiers are about.

I stop and take a couple of deep breaths, I look around me, I take in the beauty of the fir trees and the larch trees, I look further ahead at the view across the valley, I take note of where the snow line is and I look up at the sky to enjoy the moment fully.

I then ski off down to the village, knowing that I’ve had a good day, and feel grateful once again for the life I lead.

Sometimes, the feelings are overwhelming, a complete mixture of how blessed my life is and how much sadness I have experienced through bereavement, however, there is always more joy to be found in these small details of daily life.

Today’s joy has been the simple pleasures of cooking and cleaning, meditating and now writing this blog.

May your days always be filled with the most magical moments, no matter how insignificant they may seem, for they will become tomorrows cherished memories of a life well lived.

With immense gratitude for the magical moments that will create our bright futures, and, with love and laughter along the way, may you see the magic in each and every day ☺