Time does not stand still...

Posted by Jo Turner on May 9, 2019


Whatever is going on in your life right now, are you making time to take a breath?

Let that sink in…

Are you really taking time to take a moment and gather your thoughts, or take a deep breath outside, or to coin an old phrase ‘smell the roses’?

Life will whisk you ever onwards. Whether you like it or not, time will move forwards one way or another!

Day will turn to night, and night will turn to another day.

Spring will become summer, and summer will fall into autumn to be thrown into winter.

I love the cycles that can guide our lives if we allow them to. It is a new moon today, and it feels like a new beginning. It is a new beginning, suddenly I feel like I’m having a light bulb moment, I can feel the energy rising and my thoughts are in free flow too.

I go through this cycle every month and still I look at my thoughts, feelings, and life in complete and utter bemusement and surprise again and again…I hope like me you are smiling to yourself.

We are taught so little of how to navigate life as children. The best we can do is copy our parents, teachers, siblings and friends. Hopefully, we’ll gain enough insight to steer a course of stability, comfort and enjoyment.

I pause for a moment, and ponder this. It feels overwhelming to view life so simply, when there is so much wrong with the planet at the moment, and so many lives being destroyed by other people’s actions.

However, it is in this very moment, that I’m reminded of kindness and what we can all do to be kind to ourselves and to others around us. It is good for our health and it is good for the health of others.

I cannot control what goes on in the wider world, but I can control (to a certain extent) what goes on in my world.

Being kind to myself lately, has involved limiting my time on social media. Drinking more herbal tea and less alcohol. Accepting how I feel in any given moment, then allowing these feelings to rise and finally dissolve. Having a chocolate biscuit every now and then, ok more often than not! Going where I feel like going and doing what I feel like doing.

Amazingly, the chores still get done ☺

As regards, being kind to others – it can be as simple as opening the door for someone, picking up some litter, sending a letter or email to someone you’ve been thinking about, making lunch for a friend, only saying kind/positive things about people and places. The list is endless.

When life gets busy, which it invariably does these days, it makes it even more important, to make time for the little kindnesses that make the world go round.

Making time to spend an hour or so doing something uplifting will reward you many times over as the cycles of life continue onwards. It may be that you need to exercise more, or eat more fruit and veg, laugh more, sing more, dance more or just plain old sleep more!

Whatever is your thing, choose it because you love it and cherish whatever the outcome. That, by the way, is a reminder to myself, as much as a reminder to you!

We can set an intention but we must let go of the outcome.

Over the last few years, and in fact, they are piling up too, I have read and followed many inspiring public figures and several inspirational friends. Always trying to see the best in life, and just in case you were wondering I do balance it out a bit with real life, and do selectively read the news on line.

One of my favourite daily inspirations is from someone called Mike Dooley - https://www.tut.com/ - his ‘Notes from the Universe’ are wonderful reminders of how life is magical.

However busy life is, or however hard some choices may seem, there is always a better way forward and that usually involves accepting life as it is, as opposed to how you thought it would be!

That, my friends is a definite work in progress ☺

I look up, and pause as I type. It is snowing heavily again, and the cycles of life are on pause at the minute. Winter holds on for a wee bit longer, and the winds of change are blowing in the air.

Wondering where they will take us, I decide it is time to get moving again, and let the busy-ness of the day commence.

May your busy days, be interspersed with days of rest and relaxation.

Remember to recharge your batteries and ensure your cup is overflowing with self-kindness, so there is enough to share with others too.

Ever onwards with deep gratitude for the quiet moments, in between the busy times ☺