Beautiful skies, calm seas

Taking a moment to take it all in...

Posted by Jo Turner on May 28, 2019

Beautiful skies, calm seas

What a wonderful day it has been. Sitting here in my newly acquired rocking chair looking out to the mountains, sea and sky. I felt the stirrings of complete contentment of a day well lived.

It has been a day of simple pleasures.

As you may remember if you follow my blogs, I am finding more and more, that the simplicity of life is the way forward. I stop typing and look up to the sky again.

The clouds are moving slowly across the sky, and there is a slight hint of the setting sun, somewhere in the northwest. The days are really drawing out now. It’s gone nine o’clock and the day is still bright.

It is a calm evening now, earlier the sea was rather choppy, and the trees were dancing, to a new tune. Their leaves are out now, all except the old ash tree, and they are basking in their glory as another summer beckons.

We did an early evening tour of the garden, noting what needs doing, enjoying the bluebells, (wild hyacinth as they are known in Scotland), pulling out any unwanted bracken and spotting new clumps of wood sorrel.

The tide was coming in, and the sea was so calm.

It was as though time had stood still, and the only thing that mattered was the here and now.

I was not thinking about the past or about the future. The only thing of concern was whatever was right in front of me in that moment, if only we could stay in that frame of mind more often.

Earlier on, we had walked to one of the local cafes, and enjoyed a late breakfast with friends. As we walked, mainly along the roadside, I was frustrated at not having a carrier bag with me!

Even, in our beautiful part of the world, we are not immune from litter being thrown out of car windows. Thankfully, not huge amounts, but enough, that it is a problem. We will return shortly to do some collecting.

I was very much in the here and now while litter spotting…

I try to make it a habit that I pick up litter when we are out walking, and whenever I pop down to the beach, I always end up collecting some rubbish, so endeavour to carry an empty bag with me.

This gives great satisfaction on many occasions!

I look up again and see the clouds have cleared a bit, and the colours in the sky have deepened as dusk turns to night.

We are heading towards a full moon later this week. As I watered the plants this evening, I looked up towards the ever-brightening moon. Another favourite occupation of mine! ☺

I love watching the moon cycles, and rejoice in clear nights when I can see her.

Another being in the here and now moment…

My days don’t often start as well as they end. It may sound as though life is one big idyllic moment in the mountains and by the sea. However, there are times when anxiety takes hold and I wake up with a heavy feeling.

Thankfully, with years of practice, my self-talk is pretty good and very kind. I can, relatively quickly, shake off any sense of fore boding.

This is where I feel grief has stepped in and taken a place at the proverbial table. As I’ve said, many times before, you learn to live along side the loss of a loved one, but it changes you forever.

Loosing my Dad just (oh my goodness, I’ve just counted up on my fingers…) 6 months today…

That has stopped me in my tracks.


Where has the time gone?

Now I think back… although trying to move forward.

Over 6 years since my sister died/passed away, and here I am sitting in her old rocking chair, looking out to sea.

It is like a hug in a chair when you sit in it. So comfy, it only arrived here a few weeks back, as it was at my Dads house.

Now it is not Dads house…

Now some one else is making it their home.

This is good, but it’s sad too.

The thing I miss the most from the daily routine, is not phoning him for a quick chat. His phone number is still in the saved top ten numbers on our phone. I saw it earlier today, but could not bring myself to delete it.

There will be a right time for updating that, but not today.

So the wonderful day has had a sad moment, and a happy moment, a frustrating moment, and a comfy moment with many more in between moments. ☺

That is life, and as we come full circle, remember that no matter how much has happened in your life, there are always different moments to be experienced, all we have to do is stay present and experience them fully.

For tomorrow is another day.

As always with gratitude for these little insights as life speeds along. ☺